What is Pilates? Simply put, it is the conscious execution of movement in the most efficient way possible.  If you are still unsure of what that means, then think of it this way. Can you move your body, using the necessary muscles to obtain such movement or do you shift or favor one side of your body versus the other? Can you freely articulate your spine while you move? Most people have trouble doing this in some form or another.  Pilates works to bring the body into “center”.  Meaning that it focuses on movement that is equally balanced and then builds strength and flexibility from that centered position. 

Integrity is a classical Pilates training center.  We only teach the exercises that were designed by its founder, Joseph Pilates.  Additionally, we only utilize equipment that maintains the high standards of Joe’s original designs.  To gain the full benefits of Pilates, it’s best to practice the method as close to the authentic approach as possible.  Integrity offers clients the opportunity to work on the industry’s “gold standard” of equipment.  If you are new to Pilates or a long-time devotee, Integrity will challenge everything you have ever thought about fitness.

We offer small group apparatus classes in tower, reformer, and chair.  Currently, we have 5 tower units, 4 wunda chairs, and 3 reformers.  All classes are only $25.  Reservations for classes is strongly advised as spots fill up quick! Book online, call, or text to secure your place today!!

Studio Wall Unit