Have you ever heard of the adage “Look too hard and you will miss what’s right in front of you”?  That more or less sums up my continual journey to find the answer to the question of “what’s really good for you”.  In the early 90’s it was step aerobics and those horrible thong leotards.  In the late 90’s it was countless miles on the treadmill and it was also when I accidentally saw a PETA video on the web and I gave up red meat right then and there. Not because it was a healthy thing to do, but because I just felt so bad for the cows.  In ’00 I briefly adopted the Atkins approach, but I just couldn’t eat those cows, plus I had a love affair with pasta, so I jumped ship and headed for “South Beach”.  I kept running on the treadmill though. In 2002 I heard the “Mediterranean” was just what I had been looking for, but that really didn’t pan out either.  It became very clear to me that none of these options were really the path to optimal health.  How can so many very different approaches all lead to the same outcome? Answer: They can’t.

Good health is not found in a diet program or in the gym for that matter.  I have found that obtaining optimal health is really, really simple.  MOVE in a uniform way and eat REAL food.  It has become how I live my life and how I enlighten my children on how to lead theirs.  Chronic pain and disease are not an inevitable outcome of growing older, they are the result of what we choose.

If you want to do something that actually works for you, that promotes and encourages your health for the long term, then come be apart of this journey with me….. just for the health of it!